• Why Ecuadorian Flowers Make Great Gifts

    Why Ecuadorian Flowers Make Great Gifts
    Ecuadorian flowers benefit from thriving under the magical sun in South America. There is something special about flowers that have been farmed in lands blessed by sunny weather and while all types of Ecuadorian flowers share this magic, the Ecuadorian rose is a star among them. The Ecuadorian Rose Roses have a rich history because they symbolize the most powerful human emotion: love,...
  • The Beauty of Bi Colored Roses

    The Beauty of Bi Colored Roses
    Roses have been used as a symbol for centuries, from the Lancastrian rose to Lancôme Paris, and more. Why have just one color rose when you can enjoy the striking aesthetic of two shades blended to create an artistic impression for your eyes to feast upon? Bi color roses gradually blend from one color to another in a gentle flow that gives movement...
  • Ecuadorian Roses for the World

    Ecuadorian Roses for the World
    It is a well known that when it comes to rose production, Ecuador is the gold standard. What is it that makes this small nation on the equator have such an overwhelming variety and quality in its flowers? In order to find out why, we must take a trip through our country: a land of flowers and hardworking people that with love and...
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