How to Make Most Out of Your Flowers

Rose bouquets are a beautiful and thoughtful gift, they're the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you! Because of the sentimental value they hold, it can be pretty hard to let go of a bouquet when it's no longer fresh.

Blooming Emotions is known to provide farm-direct, fresh flowers to ensure that whoever receives them is treated to premium roses with a longer-than-average vase life. Not only that but Ecuadorian roses are known to be longer lasting than your average blooms, which is what any person receiving flowers hopes to get! 

Here are some of our favorite tips to make the most out of your flower bouquet:

  1. Choose the right vase. Did you know that the vase you use can make a big difference in how long your flowers last? Always opt for a vase that is the right size for your bouquet, make sure there's enough height and width to support your blooms and allow them to open fully. We recommend you avoid overcrowding your roses.
  2. Cut the stems at an angle. Before rushing to arrange and put a brand-new fresh bouquet in a vase, use a sharp knife or a pair of scissors to cut the stems at an angle. This method will help the stems to take up water more easily and stay fresh for longer.
  3. Add flower food to the water. Simply add the flower food packet to the vase water before placing your roses.
  4. Place the bouquet in the right location. Yes! where you place your bouquet plays an essential part in how long it can last. To keep your flowers fresh and beautiful, make sure to place the bouquet in a location where it will receive plenty of indirect sunlight. However, you must avoid positioning it in direct sunlight or near heat sources, as this can damage the flowers and cause them to wilt quicker.
  5. Keep the water clean. Over time, the water in your vase can become dirty and cloudy, which can cause bacteria to form and shorten the lifespan of your flowers. To prevent this, change the water every few days and remove any dead or wilted blooms.
  6. Use floral preservatives or natural remedies. Several natural remedies can help your flowers stay fresh for longer, such as adding a drop of bleach to the water. You can also purchase floral preservatives from a florist or garden center, which can help to extend the vase life of your flowers.
  7. Always go for farm-direct blooms. When looking to purchase a rose bouquet, make sure that it's sent directly from the farm to you, avoiding the middleman. Blooming Emotions' mission is to provide its customers with farm-direct flowers, meaning the roses are cut the day they're meant to be shipped. This not only reduces waste but ensures that everyone receives fresh flowers that will last longer.

For more information or a visual guide, we invite you to what and read our flower care tip video here.