Our Impact

At Blooming Emotions, we strive for the best every day, both as a
company and as individuals. This means that we have a responsibility to the communities where we live and work, as well as to our faithful customers, our hard-working staff, our bountiful planet, and our broader society.

Our Environmental Commitment

The Earth gives us so many gifts every day, including the unparalleled ecosystem that allows us to grow the very best flowers. As farmers and naturalists, we honor the planet as our most sacred resource and prioritize environmental initiatives. It is our duty to take only what we need and to live in harmony with nature.

Recycled Natural Water Sources

Our farms promote self-sufficiency and water conservation by capturing rainwater, a clean and renewable source of water, for the bulk of day-to-day operations.

Eco-friendly Floral Boxes

Integrated Pest Control

In line with our mission of making a positive difference, We strictly avoid the use of Highly Hazardous Pesticides. Instead, our expert agronomists have developed a rigorous integrated pest management strategy. Over the years, we've examined and adjusted our approach to generate outstanding results while preserving the environment and our employees' health and safety. We use natural strategies like growing mint to deter aphids and other potential pests, as well as guaranteeing the quality and optimum hydration of the soil.

Zero Waste

All of our flowers are cut to order, ensuring that we only cut what we need. Likewise, our farms and partners follow stringent sustainable farming practices.


All our green waste, both on-field and post-harvest, is sent through a modern composting system and reintroduced to the soil of our crops. This composted organic matter allows us to reduce our reliance on chemical fertilizers by more than 30% while also improving the quality of our flowers. Our waste management method ensures maximum recycling efficiency and soil nutrient re-incorporation.

Our Commitment to Community

Our Team is Our Family

At Blooming Emotions, we believe it’s important to treat every employee with the gratitude and respect they deserve—after all, we literally couldn’t do this without them! That’s why our workplace provides fair pay, protects
worker rights, and offers our staff every accommodation to ensure that Blooming Emotions is a safe and healthy environment that feels like a second home.

Staff members are able to access free healthcare as well as medication delivery at our on-site dispensary, and in the wake of COVID-19, we have also begun providing PPE for all on-site employees.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Farm

We play an integral role in the communities where we work, so we have a responsibility to understand the impact we have on our surroundings, and to work with intention and with the input of our friends and neighbors.

We regularly meet with nearby families to discuss potential safety hazards around our farms and incorporate preventive measures. Our staff members are also active in community outreach efforts, such as donation drives and local co-ops.

A Force for Good

Working with nature keeps us grounded and grateful, and we aim to maintain this progressive and compassionate mentality by supporting vulnerable groups and helping those in need whenever possible. We are a regular donor to local non-profits supporting LGBTQA+ residents, as well as first responders and COVID-19 relief and prevention efforts. We’re also committed to fostering the next generation of leaders by hiring and empowering women to
achieve self-assurance and economic independence.

Alliances & Certifications

Business Alliance for Secure Commerce

We are proud members of BASC, a non-profit international business alliance committed to global trade security and applying internationally-recognized standards and security procedures.

Flor Ecuador

Blooming Emotion is a certified
member of Flor Ecuador, which is devoted to maintaining responsible and sustainable floriculture in Ecuador through best practices for the health and wellbeing of
workers and the environment.

Dog Rescue and Shelter

Because we believe that animals deserve to have a safe space to grow in, at our farms we took in rescue dogs and provided them with shelter, food and everything in between so that they can be brought up in a pet-friendly environment.

Not only that, but the rescued dogs make for a great companion, since many studies showed that dogs make people happier, less stressed and more productive.

Bee Colonies

We strongly believe in the importance of preserving the bees, as they’re a part of the biodiversity which we rely on for our survival. That is why our farms have bee colonies in them, considering the important role they also play in pollinating the plants.