Valentine’s Day Roses: The Queen of Flowers and Their Meanings

Red is the color that pops into one’s head when thinking of Valentine’s Day, followed closely by the image of red roses. For the most part, red is still seen as the symbol of love, and is commonly associated with romantic festivities.

The rose’s history has roots everywhere starting from Greek mythology where Aphrodite was scratched by a white rose, thus turning it red, to Roman mythology where Aphrodite became Venus and kept the rose as her symbol. The rose may have many origins but, as Shakespeare once said, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

Roses are regal and powerful flowers, they have inspired poets, artists, and writers alike over the centuries. Roses for Valentine’s Day might always be the “obvious choice” but, there is a reason for it. They represent love and appreciation like no other.

Colors Speak Louder than Words.

The color of your roses sends a powerful message, we listed the most popular ones for Valentine’s Day.

Red Roses

Nothing says “I love you” like red roses. They symbolize passion, courage, poise, devotion, and respect. On Valentine's Day, a red rose is widely recognized as symbolizing a deep passionate love for another person.

Yellow Roses

Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t only about romance, it is a celebration of love in general. Our yellow roses are warm, bright, and joyful and a perfect way to show your appreciation to your friends. They are the perfect gift for your gals if you want to celebrate an spectacular Galentine’s.

White Roses

White roses represent purity, innocence, and youthfulness which can be given to siblings, parents, and other family members. These flowers have also long been associated with new beginnings and burgeoning love, thanks to their popularity at weddings.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are considered gratitude flowers, they convey both tender emotions and a deep sense of appreciation. They are the ideal flowers to express gratitude to someone who has always been there for you. Lighter pink roses are typically mean adoration, excitement, or sympathy, while darker tones of pink offer a sense of gratitude.

The Lavender Rose

The lavender rose is a symbol of enchantment or love at first sight. What better way to express romantic intentions than through our gorgeous lavender roses. It is a very rare and special shade, and it can make for the perfect first Valentine’s Day gift.


This Valentine's Day, let Blooming Emotions be your storyteller through the language of roses. In vibrant red, discover passion; warm yellow, celebrate friendships; pure white, celebrate your family; tender pink, convey gratitude; and rare lavender, capture love at first sight.

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