Flower care and more

Flower Care

To ensure the freshest of the fresh, your
blooms may arrive in bud form.

This maximizes their shelf life so they’ll last as long as possible! Please
allow 4-6 days for your new buds to open and reach full bloom.

Bud form

Ready to enjoy

What you need to know

Step 1: Prepare

. Fill a vase with fresh water and stir in the flower food.
· Choose a vase which support your stems, we recommend a jug.
· If your bouquet contains roses, they may have brownish guard
petals around them, gently pill these off from base

Step 2: Arrange

· Cut your stems at 45o angle, removing 1-2 inches. If your blooms look
a little droopy, don’t worry, a drink will perk them up in 24 hours.,
· Remove any leaves from the stem that fall below the waterline.

Step 3: Enjoy

· Gorgeous! Just remember to refresh the water & trim stems 0.4
inches every 3 days.
· Avoid direct sunlight, radiators & fuit for long flower lifr.
· Some late bloomer can take 24-48 hours.
· Snap a pic & tag us @bloomingemotions

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