Crown Jewel of any Arrangement, the Ecuadorian Rose.

It is no secret that Ecuador produces one of the best roses in the world. The culmination of events leading to the great bloom is fascinating, and the past 30 years are a testimony to the Ecuadorian rose's prowess. The Ecuadorian rose reigns supreme among its peers, and there is a reason behind that, from Ecuador's beautiful climate to the beneficial geographical location and altitude to the growing cycles, all of this provides roses with near-perfect growing conditions that give you one of the most loved flowers in the world.

  1. Here are the main reasons why Ecuadorian roses are one of the best roses in the world:1.Climate

Ecuador is positioned on the Equator, which guarantees stable temperatures. Throughout the year, temperatures bounce between 20° C by day and around 6° C by night, making it an optimal rose-growing environment.

  1. Geographical Location and Altitude.

Ecuadorian roses are mostly grown on mountain slopes, at elevations surpassing 2,500 meters above sea level, thus, providing the roses with around 12 hours of direct sunlight. Also, the volcanic soil in the region is rich in minerals and the water used in the plantation is recycled spring water. The altitude also plays an important role in eradicating insects that feed on the blooms which makes the farming process easier and more eco-friendly. For instance, both of our farms are located on one of the earth’s closest points to the sun, providing optimal growing conditions, since being closer to the sun maximizes luminosity helping the roses to grow straight, fast, and tall and give blooms their bright tones.

  1. Cycles.

The normal growth cycle of a rose is on average 8 weeks. The bloom is then mature enough to be picked and used for any occasion. The Ecuadorian rose, on the other hand, has a longer growing cycle which is typically about 15 weeks.

 You can judge a book by its cover when it comes to Ecuadorian roses! The difference between them and any other rose in the world is easily distinguishable. By merely looking at all the roses side by side, you can easily point out the Ecuadorian ones, they are generally famous for their:

 All the previously mentioned reasons blend to form the Ecuadorian rose and it is undeniable that these roses reign supreme as one of the finest blooms in the world.  So, whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking to brighten your day, look no further than the majestic Ecuadorian rose.