Why Ecuadorian Flowers Make Great Gifts

Ecuadorian flowers benefit from thriving under the magical sun in South America. There is something special about flowers that have been farmed in lands blessed by sunny weather and while all types of Ecuadorian flowers share this magic, the Ecuadorian rose is a star among them.

The Ecuadorian Rose

Roses have a rich history because they symbolize the most powerful human emotion: love, and while it is most associated with romantic undertones, platonic love is also represented by the rose.

While the first rose was believed to be pink, different colors are chosen as a preference according to individual taste.

Bi Color Roses

To personalize the Ecuadorian rose, you can take advantage of the trend for custom roses by choosing bi color roses, as the fusion of two shades blended circumnavigates any presumption of their preferred color.

Bi color roses gleaned popularity as they are perfect for an Instagram post and even more impressive sitting atop a vase in your front room. The skill involved in crafting two colors blending from one to another conveys personalization in your gift, so not only have you purchased a status symbol in the form of the Ecuadorian rose, but you have also given a gift so unique it is unlikely to be replicated by any other gift-givers!

One of the most pertinent things to consider when giving gifts for special occasions is whether it has been copied by their friends or family, and custom roses are seldom surplus in the recipient’s gift bag. Not only is the Ecuadorian rose then cemented as a safe bet, but it will wow them as you have gifted them one of the most coveted flowers in the world.

Environmentally and Socially Conscious

In today’s climate-conscious world, it does not go unnoticed when you make environmentally friendly choices, and your peers will applaud you. The Ecuadorian flowers cut to order at Blooming Emotions all started life on eco-friendly farms, where sustainability practices are carried out in accordance with their international certifications for social and environmental responsibility.

To purchase custom roses and other Ecuadorian flowers from an environmentally responsible company demonstrates thoughtfulness, and younger generations appreciate efforts to combat global warming especially. Plus, Blooming Emotions have pledged a commitment to provide good working environments for their flower growing communities, so you are supporting a company with progressive practices.

Ecuadorian flowers make for a perfect gift, whether in the form of custom roses, bi color roses, or other kinds of show-stopping buds.