The Beauty of Bi Colored Roses

Roses have been used as a symbol for centuries, from the Lancastrian rose to Lancôme Paris, and more. Why have just one color rose when you can enjoy the striking aesthetic of two shades blended to create an artistic impression for your eyes to feast upon?

Bi color roses gradually blend from one color to another in a gentle flow that gives movement to the roses placed in your vase.

Flower enthusiasts graduate to bi color roses because watching custom roses bloom is a wonderful experience. The long stems of bi colored roses sit neatly in your preferred vase to help the differently colored-tip petals perch gracefully on top.

The History of the Rose

A rose has a rich history as the first of these flowers were discovered over 50 million years ago, making the aesthetically popular rose one of the most ancient flowers. Traditionally associated with romance, a rose is often given as a gift to someone you admire, although with the increase in self-love practices, many people choose to buy a beautiful bi color rose for themselves.

Ecuadorian Flowers

Roses can be found in different areas of the globe, however, the fine flowers sold by Blooming Emotions originate from the historically rich land of Ecuador. While the roses are growing, the Ecuadorian sun beams down on them to ensure they bloom brilliantly.

Since the rose has become such a staple of gift-giving on special occasions such as birthdays and Valentine’s Day, some consider the red rose to be cliché opt for a different color instead. Custom roses show a thoughtful approach to the recipient because a specialist has curated a rose not found anywhere else in nature.

Environmentally Responsible Choices

The Ecuadorian roses created at Blooming Emotions originate from farms that hold international certifications for social and environmental responsibility, so buying from Blooming Emotions is an eco-conscious choice.  Not only do the farms follow eco-friendly farming practices, but all custom roses are cut to order on the same day they will be shipped, keeping them fresher for longer.

Another benefit of bi-color roses, whether as a gift to another or for yourself, is the high class conveyed by their hand-crafted originality as custom roses symbolize the individuality afforded to us by societal progression and the beauty of what man can do with nature.

Ecuadorian flowers possess the spirit of the sun in which they thrived under, and the personalized touch of custom roses adds elegance to the classic rose. Why have one color when you can admire the fusion of two?